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  • The Star Wars: The jedi Knight vocational simple introduction08/09/2013

    The simple introduction of the two jedi advanced class. The jedi guardian and The jedi guard.

  • The jedi consular vocational simple introduction08/08/2013

    Before give you simple introduced the republic jedi knight this career, and it came to class 10 after two advanced level, for the majority of new players to solve some small doubts.

  • More Introductions about SWTOR patch 2.3: Titans of Industry07/30/2013

    Some general introduction about details of SWTOR patch 2.3: Titans of Industry has been introduced in this passage. If you want to know more detailed information about the CZ-198 and Bounty Contract Week, you can keep your eyes open on our site or on our Facebook. More interactions between different players are sincerely welcomed.

  • Several Tips about the SWTOR Achievements 07/29/2013

    A series of new SWTOR achievements are given in the coming Bounty Contract Week. Different items including Cartel Coins will be awarded for completing each bounty. Keeping your eyes on our news page, more useful information would be shared here.

  • Do You Think Sith Warriors in SWTOR Indeed Evil or not07/27/2013

    An interesting discussion on this "Sith are not the Evil" thing was raised among wide players. Several qualities of Sith Warrior are listed in this article. However, in my mind there's no evil or virtuous at all.

  • Buy Cheap Swtor Credits to Welcome the Return of the Gree07/26/2013

    If you want to get more gears or mounts for meeting SWTOR Relics of the Gree achievement, then come to swtorcreditstore to buy sufficient cheap swtor credits in advance. Our 24*7 customer service would try very effort to meet your demands.

  • Which SWTOR Game Update is the Most Meaningful to You07/25/2013

    A mass of new SWTOR patches are scheduled to release in this whole summer. Each patch carries distinct features. After reading the main information of the three patches, which one is the most meaningful to you by reading the information above?

  • Top One Reward You Want to Get in Star Wars The Old Republic07/24/2013

    Abundant of rewards are offered in different SWTOR Patches. Three warmly welcomed rewards are offered in this article. Come to tell us your ideal reward.

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